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freelance copywriting & editing

Six Pencils

copy & content writing

Nine years of experience in copywriting and creating content for major companies such as PayPal, IBM, Sisense, and Spectrum Enterprises, as well as for production companies and studios in the film and television industry.

Grammer Editing

editing & video editing

Ten years of experience editing written copy and content for major companies, producers in the film and television industry, and professional writers.


Eighteen years experience in video editing with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.

Grammer Editing

experience & skills

Website content, social media content, press releases, physical brochures, case studies, technical script writing, professional video scriptwriting, video editing, screenwriting for film and television, script and book coverage, on-screen content for film and television, professional script and book editing. Proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud Applications, Apple Applications, Microsoft Office, Final Draft, and Final Cut Pro.

copywriting examples


3D Systems

LinkedIn Example

IBM + Cloudera

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